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Hello Friends, Greetings!! This page is dedicated to offer you paid downloads of our Vinyl quality songs. We have provided all our music for free listening to you through Soundcloud, Audiomack, Youtube Music, Spotify, Jio Saavn, etc. However, no streaming platform could replicate the original listening experience that we could create in our studios. Their maximum possible quality is 44.1 KHz at 320 Kbps, which is just about 30% quality of our studio creation in terms of brightness, loudness, fullness, and depth of sound, original effects induced during recording, listening delight, emotional value, and surround experience. On this page, we are offering you downloads of our music in original completely lossless Vinyl Quality at 88.2 to 192 KHz sampling with bit rate of at least 2.8 Mbps. This quality is unmatchable by any streaming service given their platform and bandwidth restrictions. This quality is possible only on Vinyl players. You can enjoy this music through your local audio player in your mobile phones / tablets or your laptops. Please prefer using high quality external speakers or full-sized headphones (fully covering your ears; NO Ear Buds Please!!!) with bass-booster for best experience. These headphones are available on Amazon or similar retail sites from various vendors; some of the best bass-boosted headphones are available from Sony, Skullcandy, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Bose.

Offering you downloads of our Vinyl Quality Music Audio (at least 88.2 KHz 2.8 Mbps) (through our band page at:

Please Buy Vinyl Quality Audio (Minimum 88.2 KHz, 2.8 Mbps) of the singles (@ a humble price of $1 per single) or full albums (@ a humble price of $7 per album) of your choice by clicking on the "buy" button on the image of the song or album of your choice in the discography below; you may preview the song although the preview is compressed to fit the streaming standards whereas the download quality is completely lossless fitting Vinyl Quality Music Audio. Please prefer FLAC format during download; it can be played on VLC and MPlayer on all platforms; you may also download .WAV format if you like it:

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