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  Pop Rock For Humanity: Presenting great music for humanity  
  Introduction to our group  
Pop Rock For Humanity is a young devotional production group in New Delhi (India) dedicated to composing and producing wonderful Christian devotional songs in the praise and worship of our only true Lord and true Savior, Jesus Christ! This group is established by Sourabh Kishore in September 2014. Currently, all the songs are played by Sourabh Kishore on multi-layer arranger synthesizers with backing from Harshit Kishore on his acoustic and electric guitars. The songs are distributed worldwide under the label HnS Records India, which is owned and managed by Sourabh Kishore. Most of the lyrics are written by the wonderful gospel poet and lyricist Brother Kenneth Mood living in Gateshead (UK). Brother Kenneth Mood is a teacher, a poet, a writer, a preacher, and a wonderful human being devoted to the services of our Lord in his county. Sourabh Kishore is an electronic music composer and singer living in New Delhi, who has devoted his life in writing, singing, and composing for the lord. Sourabh and Brother Kenneth share common beliefs and visions. Although living 4000 miles apart, they met on-line by the grace of Lord, and have collaborated for creating the wonderful Christian songs presented in this website.
The lyrics of the songs comprise of praises and worships reflecting the true learning from the Gospels. To create such songs, one need to read the gospels thoroughly and interpret the learning points accurately. Accepting the love of Jesus takes us a step closer to our freedom. It comes to us free from Him. However, we need to possess in-depth knowledge about Jesus, his purpose of coming to this world, and the utmost priceless value of what he has done for us.
Bible presents to us both primary and secondary knowledge. The primary knowledge comes to us by reading what is written. However, the secondary knowledge evolves from our own interpretations and beliefs about the primary knowledge and its application in our respective lives. Primary knowledge has been preached for centuries, which is still ongoing. We have learned the fundamentals from the Primary Knowledge of the Holy Word, and our secondary knowledge is our spiritual earning, and a sacred gift from the Holy Word. With time and age, we may forget a number of primary statements and their referencing (comprising primary knowledge), but remember what we have interpreted and believed about these statements (secondary knowledge). The gospel songs written by people like Brother Kenneth Mood reflects their secondary knowledge that not only re-emphasizes what we have learned from Jesus's teachings but also emphasizes what is implied in our devotion and beliefs from the learning from the Holy Bible.
Our songs not only reflect the knowledge and beliefs about Jesus Christ, his praises, and our worships to Him, but also reflect the extended knowledge about how God appears to us in this world. In a few songs, the role of God as the only source of light, source of energy, and the role of humans in imbibing God rules and principles have been emphasized. In this context, you would love the songs "God Is Love" and "The Songs Of God". In our lyrics, Jesus Christ has been stated as the God himself, the Lord of Universe, and the King of Kings. This is our belief that the holy Bible has gifted to us. This is a belief with which, we are writing, composing, and singing for the Lord. We receive Him as our only true Lord. We praise Him, worship Him, glorify Him, and love Him!! Let us invite His holy spirit to dwell in our homes, our minds, and our souls!! Let us pray to Him to protect us and our loved ones in this world and beyond! Let us pray to our only true Lord: "O Lord Jesus, most humbly and respectfully, I pray to you to come in and take over my life. I am a worthless sinner. I am disgraced with all my sins. I have been trusting in myself and my own works, and in numerous other things. Now I place my trust in you. I am in harmony with you and want to work only for you. You are my only Savior. I believe in You. I believe that you gave your life for me. I receive Your Holy Spirit in me. I receive you as my only true Lord and the only true Master of my life. Please help me to turn away from my sins and follow Your steps. I thank you for Your offer of the FREE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE. AMEN."